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Aluminum Billet

Trade Partner international provides aluminum billets of various types. Our products are manufactured in large and reputable factories, meeting technical standards and are eligible for export. Depending on customer requirements, billet products are cut to length or molded to many diameter sizes.


Why Choose Us

Certified Aluminium

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International Shipping

Our Delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks depending on the location

Payment in Installments

Credit card payment in installment is possible.

Production Focus

Aluminium product
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Recycling Efficiency

Widespread Applications

Aluminum’s widespread applications and ease of shaping.

Integrated Technology

Designed processes in our integrated technology development center for high recycling efficiency.

Minimizing Waste

Processes include scrap shredding/sorting, delacquering, melting/casting, and dross recovery.

Recycling Efficiency Image

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Machine Park

Recycling Center

Single Shaft Shredder, Hammer Mill, Magnetic Drum, Eddy Current, and 2 * Xray.



2 * 40 Tons Melting Furnaces with Regenerative Burners and Magnetic Stirrer and 2 * Casting Well with hydraulic piston.


Homogenization Plant

Integrated homogenization plant details and technology used.

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