Gold Mining Dressing

No Mining, No Future!

Without mining there would be no homes; there would be no fuel or cars to drive.

Without mining, there would be no future for anybody to look forward to.

Mining affects the natural environment. The use of mineral fuels causes CO2 emissions and global warming, and mining consumes non-renewable resources. These facts lead to the impression that were mining to be stopped immediately, everybody could drive home and look forward to a better future. But the situation with mining is not that simple. 

TRADE PARTNER offers Environmentally Friendly Gold Dressing. It is a kind of new product under environmental protection technology for gold extraction process, different from any previous gold extraction process, do not contain cyanide, nontoxic to the environment.

Comparing Gold Dressing and Sodium Cyanide

comparing gold dressing and sodium cyanide

This product is suitable for containing gold and silver oxide ore, primary ore, gold concentrate, sulfuric acid slag, copper lead and zinc slag, cyanide tailings, anode mud, electronic materials, gravity separation flotation tailings and other materials containing gold and silver leaching, heap leaching, pool leaching, carbon slurry production process of leaching. Production process is exactly same as Sodium cyanide and also can be mixed to use.