Hidden Passages brings childhood dreams come true with your home improvement. There is a range of different styles and sizes to choose from to fit any application. Hiding the ugly space under the staircase in the basement, changing a closet to a jewelry/keep sake safe. The doors can come lockable with a different types of hardware to keep your door hidden and valuables safe .

TradePartner builds all the doors in house and can ship them for you to install yourself or we can install the door for you. Directions and illustrations come with the door on delivery for ease of installation. There is different locking mechanisms that can be used with your Hidden Passage. Pull on a book or trophy to open the door, a hidden digital dead bolt or a magnetic lock that opens with a key FOB. Prices vary on locking mechanism. Your Hidden Passage can be totally custom made to fit any opening that you have.

If you want to add a James Bond door in your house to hide from the world for a few quite moments please give us a call!!!