Mushroom Bags Sustainable

Trade Partner provides premium oyster mushroom bags tailored for cultivation throughout North America, emphasizing quality and sustainability. Crafted from top-notch polyethylene, our products, available in recycled variants upon request, aim to optimize mushroom farming yields.

Product Quality and Raw Material

Our Oyster Mushroom Bags are manufactured from high-quality polyethylene material. We fulfill our environmental responsibility by using both original and, upon request, recycled materials.

Bag Thicknesses

To accommodate the diverse needs of mushroom cultivation, we offer bags in various thicknesses. Our bags are available in thicknesses of 0.7, 0.50, and 0.6 microns, adjustable according to content. We determine the most suitable thickness together with our customers.

Color Options and Customization

Although primarily produced in black for higher yield, we also manufacture bags in different colors and transparent options based on customer demand. Stand out with our custom printing options.


Ideal for both button mushrooms and cremini mushrooms, our bags are specially designed for the shrink-wrapping process. Ensure the healthy growth of your mushrooms with our bags, featuring large holes on the top and a closed bottom

mashroom bags
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mashroom bags black
red mashroom bags
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Sustainable farming practices and offer environmentally friendly products.


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