Murphy Beds

bed 3.jpg

Murphy Beds are an elegant way to add a bed in to a room without taking away square footage from that room. These unique beds hide away in a wall or cabinet unit to create a functional living space during the day and a spare bedroom at night.  

If you have a space that you want as an office in your home but then you will not have a room for company to stay. Possibly you need storage in the kids play room and having an extra bed would not be a bad idea.  These are excellent scenarios for use of a Murphy Bed.

All of our Murphy Beds are custom built to suit your needs, from closets or built-in cabinets or just a simple bed in a wall. We have many options and ideas to help use Murphy Beds in your home to make any room into a spare sleeping space.  If there is a design or an idea that you have and would like to use one of these beds, we can help you. 

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