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international trade consultancy


Consultancy and Representation

Trade Partner assures you the best services as an International Trade Consultant and

Canada&US Country Representative in all aspects.

  • Our solid experience enables us to be the support for all your international operations.

  • By providing flexible solutions, we adapt our planning and strategies in line with our customers’ needs.

  • We have the ability to represent your company in specific markets within Canada & US, developing prospects and supporting the growth of your business.

  • To increase widely your company’s alternatives, we carry out the research and contact with suppliers and buyers.

TRADE PARTNER provides a wide range of international trade services both for import and export processes. Our main aim is to provide our customers a smooth and successful trade operations avoiding potential risks and difficulties of international trade. Trade Partner’s wide range of services includes managing or monitoring standard trade operations as well as providing tailored solutions for your business.

Scope of Import Services

import services trade partner
  • Determination of HS Code and its regulatory requirements
  • Cost analysis
  • L/C consultancy
  • Global product/service research
  • Local office set-up for foreign investors
  • Supply chain management
  • Trade Show support

Scope of Export Services

export services trade partner
  • Export documentation
  • Cost analysis
  • L/C consultancy (including preparation or control of documents)
  • Market research
  • Overseas marketing
  • Trade Show support
  • International Aggreement consultancy